In 1959, a little brass band from the island of Vardø in Northeastern Norway decided to make an adventurous journey. Without a visa and with a hearty contempt for bureaucracy and Cold War, Vardø Town Band started out in a fishing boat to visit their Soviet neighbours in Murmansk, SSSR. It turned into a journey they would never forget, and which came to have far-reaching consequences. 

With a warm-hearted sense of humour, this Norwegian-Russian documentary tells about ordinary people and neighbours, living at the top of Europe during the Cold War - a time when mutual suspicion and power games ruled the official relations between East and West.

A film by Dmitri Ischenko and Hilde Korsæth
Idea and contribution by Vyacheslav Ischenko
Produced by Tundra Film, 2006

Prize winner during the Femmina International Film Festival 2007, Norway (Audience Award) and Kiev International Documentary Film festival ”Kinoletopys” 2008, Ukraina (Best Documentary Script), The International Film & TV festival “Northern Character 2007” in Murmansk, Russia.