(MY BELOVED is) The story of two people at the intersection of mature love and serious illness early in life. The distinction between past, present, and future are blurred when a 51 year old is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. There is no map for this territory. Filmmaker Hilde Korsæth has followed this couple through a difficult year, from 2008 till 2009.

Written and directed by: Hilde Korsæth
Original idea, research and interviews: Kari Rindahl Endresen
Cinematography: Hilde Korsæth, Line Lyngstadaas, Charlotte Røhder Tvedt
Editing: Anders Teigen nfk
Music composed by: Tone Åse
Sound design: Renate Bakke
Producer: John Arvid Berger
Production: Jabfilm/NRK.
Distributor: Kudos Family

Premiered at Troms° International Film Festival (TIFF) 2011, showed in Norwegian movie theatres from Dec-11, premiered in Oslo, April-12. Awards: Nordic Film Days 2011, LŘbeck, Germany (Best Documentary), Northern Character Film&TV-festival 2011, Murmansk, Russia. Other festivals in Norway 2011: The European Documentary festival, The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival, North Cape International Film Festival, Femmina International Film Festival, Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF). Festivals abroad: Nordic Film Festival 2012, Kaliningrad, Russia, Espoo CinÚ International Film Festival 2011, Finland
Duration: 71 min
Language: Norwegian/French/English
Subtitles: Norwegian (Norwegian version), English (International version)
Contact: Kudos Family