THE FILM The Kiberg Odyssey

An opera-documentary about the partisans from Northern Norway who fought for the Soviet Union during World War II. But the USSR turned out to be the wrong ally. The partisans ended up being forsaken by their employer, as well as their motherland, creating wounds that have yet to fully heal.

The film is based on the opera KibergOdysséen by Norwegian singer Anne-Lise Berntsen. Berntsen, who was passionate about social issues, unfortunately passed away before she had a chance to complete her lifework, but the opera still became a reality thanks to three good colleagues of hers: composer Trygve Brøske, librettist Marianne Meløy and opera director Ivar Tindberg. The opera premiered at the Arctic Arts Festival in Harstad in June of 2014. It has been performed five times, most recently in Murmansk in the autumn of 2016.

The opera KibergOdysséen is the story of the partisans from Northern Norway, a sensitive and undercommunicated issue to this day. The opera delves deeply into the brutality of everyday life during the war, hunger, cold, fear, death. It also touches on the wounds inflicted by Cold War Norway. KibergOdysséen is a story that affects people in Northern Norway to this day, a story that turns the tables on the traditional heroic tales of the Norwegian resistance. Those tales were about the boys who went to England and Sweden. Who received all the glory and medals. The Northern Norwegian partisans were met by silence and suspicion in Cold War Norway.

In the documentary about the opera, scenes from the performance are interwoven with documentary footage. We also follow the originator, the socially-involved Norwegian opera singer Anne-Lise Berntsen, and her colleagues as they work on the production.

The film about KibergOdysséen is based on this contemporary Norwegian opera that again is inspired by Homer's Greek heroic tragedy about Odysseus' long journey and yearning for home. The film not only sheds light on the partisans from Northern Norway, it also pays homage to Anne-Lise Berntsen (1943-2012), one of Norway's greatest international opera stars since Kirsten Flagstad. The story in the film is communicated through original narrative techniques where music plays a key role.

Screenwriter and director Hilde Korsæth
Camera (Multiple-Camera Production Opera) News On Request by Cato Lauvli, Mads Hanssen, Aleksander Aleksashin, Sigfinn Andersen
Director (Multiple-Camera Production Opera) Hilde Korsæth
Sound Recording Store Studio c/o Håvard Christensen and Are Simonsen
Sound Mixer Store Studio c/o Are Simonsen
Documentary Filming Hilde Korsæth, Valery Gavel, Vasily Yakovlev, Sergey Pashkov
Documentary Sound Recording Øyvind Planting
Editor Vasily Yakovlev
Post Producer Gustav Iden
Sound Editor Jens Mathias Falkenberg, Bjørn Are Rognlid
Grading Hans Petter Birkeland
Historical consultant Rune Rautio
Co-producers Knut Skoglund, Svetlana Soldatova
Executive Producer: Hilde Korsæth
Production Tundra Film
in co-production with Pomor Film and North-West Broadcasting TV21, Murmansk.

THE OPERA The Kiberg Odyssey

Idea Anne-Lise Berntsen
Composer Trygve Brøske
Librettist Marianne Meløy
Director/Dramaturge Ivar Tindberg
Penelope Anneli Drecker
Odin Terje S. Naudeer
Helmi Andreas K. Elvenes
Fridtjof, Jeppe, Uncle Sam Marshall Bror Magnus Tødenes
Johanna, Hitler, Sirene Marthe W. Holmern
Nina, Stalin, Sirene Lilly Jørstad
Birgit, Churchill, Sirene Siv Irén Misund
Janus, Hektor, Andrei, Håvard Kjetil Støa
Partisan descendant/accordionist Jakob Mikkelsen
Children Rikke Selstad, Håkon Hassel
Orchestra The Arctic Philharmonic Sinfonietta
Orchestra Leader Yuko Kawami
Conductor Per Kristian Skalstad
Production Designer Ivar Tindberg
Lighting Jon Paulsen
Sound Håvard Christensen
Stage Manager Ida Nilsen Aune
Répétiteur Mona S. Sagstad, Trygve Brøske
Costume Designer Ellen Tyldumsskogen, Katrine Tolo (Penelope's dress)
Props Paul Dzur, Irene Lind

The film about KibergOdysséen was first aired on NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) on May 13, 2017.

The film received an honorable mention at the Northern Character Film & TV Festival in 2017.